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    In order to dig into the foundations of law science, immersing in its own rationale and at the same time seek to equalize with the practical objectives of this subject, is a tortuous mission which confuses with the real utopia.


    However, it is a fascinating theme which actuality could already be pointed at the cradle of Greek philosophy. Due to this, when facing endless obstacles, it is possible to find encouragement to fight for a worthy cause, next to such brilliant soldiers even if this group may be labeled as a mere army of “Don Quixotes”.


    Therefore, it is unforgivable to sit back, being indispensable to be raised the concept walls and soon break these barriers so that right after we can build a real rampart, much more solid and secure. Just as the cycle of life, this procedure is interminable but it is the powerful source of real development.


    Even overcoming Aristotelian equity, even if the Socratic “true” rests on abstract world of vain philosophy, it is the Law duty to rescue such teachings through its essence, which can be summarized in a single word: commitment.


    We shall raise the flag of commitment with development and just causes, in a way that it becomes the single path to be followed. Accommodate to the already existing positive material is abdicating that commitment.


    Nevertheless, one should not lose sight that the fight for a more just society is a fight that is held within the Law, using the weapons offered by it not out of it. For this reason, the ideal of justice does not justify any act, but each and every act that can and must be justified within the law. So, it is not merely with good intentions that this battle is fought, but with intelligence and skill to handle the parts.