Our Law Firm is a modern office, active in the national territory and if needed, with international contacts, it is prepared to reveal fast and efficient solutions in various Law areas.


Our office is ready to guide the clients along new paths through the development of specialized work of structuring, reorganization and administration of liabilities, tax planning, labor counsel and company consultancy, with this making them more able and prepared to face the market competition.


Throughout years of work, it has developed a true systematic of partnership with the clients, offering a broad counsel and personalized treatment, detecting necessities and adopting safe procedures and strategies in order to solve inevitable controversies.


The excellence of services provided comes from the large acquired experience, always respecting the principles of ethics and justice. Our professionals hold notable law skills and they are constantly seeking for technical improvement to reach the best interpretation of legal texts, in order to favor the clients and fulfill their yearnings.


Our Law Firm focus its activities in the areas of Consultancy and Litigation through the development and application of tailor made, energetic and licit law theses which always have at the end the best solution for dead-locks.