Legal Audit

This area, developed with an outsourced partnership, focus on specific improvement of the internal activities, at the administrative, fiscal and accounting levels to enhance the use of the actual legislation in face of its field of productive activity.


  • Tax book evaluation;
  • Analysis of taxes calculation in general;
  • Evaluation of the scriptural use of tax credits;
  • Analysis of accounting classification;
  • Review of labor and social security routine;
  • Analysis of the company policies in face of environmental legislation;
  • Evaluation of the reflexes of business activities on the partners as individuals or criminal purposes;
  • Put out of solutions from previous analysis;
  • Analysis of the situation of the company in all aspects, for acquisition, fusion and incorporation of new ventures.
Tax Crimes and Crimes against the Economic and Financial Order

Directly linked to the Tax and Financial Law, this area in special, deals with acts practiced by the company administrators while developing its activities through the penal approach which can be given by the Public Treasure.


  • Update of the fiscal routine of the company and its reflections on individuals as responsible for the penal issues;
  • Redirection of the activities in order to prevent configuration of illicit;
  • Evaluation of possible occurrence of embezzlement, tax evasion, inspection fraud, lack of emission of fiscal documents and highlight of possible solutions;
  • Evaluation of responsibility of the administrators through the tasks developed;
  • Follow-up throughout the investigation (statements, previous defenses, expert examinations, etc) if it ever exists both with the inspection organ itself and the Department of Justice and Treasury Police;
  • Preparation of defenses and appeals through the use of all reasonable legal measurements, in face of all administrative and legal levels, with the objective to keep the freedom and assure the clients rights.
Environmental Law

Highly in evidence, the Environment Law tends to occupy a highlighted position in the legal repertoire, especially due to the imminent necessity of environmental preservation and protection which demands a constant adaptation of the changing and productive activities with the imposed limits.


  • Orientation to obtain the registration or authorization at the environmental organs;
  • Preparation of administrative and legal defense and appeals related to the environment issues;
  • Defense in the sphere of criminal offenses related to Law 9.605/98 (Brazil).
Banking Law

Submissive economical assumptions, country law suffers a direct interference from the prevailing capitalist system, which major exponent is materialized in the financial institutions. In order to fulfill the social claims, new principles emerge in the subject, always leading to the social function of the contracts.


  • Judicial review of contracts;
  • Follow-up of the operations of lease, financing, foreign exchange contracts, etc.;
  • Review and renegotiation of banking liabilities;
  • Restraining of protests wrongly attributed;
  • Legal defense of Execution Actions based on bank credits;
  • Administrative and legal assistance to cancel the registrations in organs of registration restriction.
Civil Law - Business

The increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships reflects directly in the Civil Law, which extends its scope to all relations perceived in the factual world and lacking legal injunction. Even within the limits of this area, it is noticeable the preventive efforts development, always with the tendency to avoid legal fight, with positive results within a short time.


  • Contracts;
  • Civil Responsibility;
  • Family;
  • Successions;
  • Inventories and Partitions of successions;
  • Wills;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Questions of Possessory Actions and of Property;
  • Preparation of guarantee documentation;
  • Press law;
  • Informatics Law;
  • Aid in achievement of acts inherent to regular trading activity;
  • Protection to industrial property;
  • Brands and Patents;
  • Orientation in the preparation of security bonds;
  • Proposal of foreign exchange suits;
  • Aid in the dealing of debts and liability administration;
  • Preparation of typical and atypical business contracts;
  • Maritime trade, charters and customs duty;
  • Follow-up of exportation and importation procedures;
  • Franchising implementation and business representations;
  • Assistance in company businesses in general.
Third Segment

The so called “Third Path” of the capitalist world has grown especially in the last years in Brazil. These are legal entities that are set in order to develop certain activies in places where the Government doesn´t reach or where it works precariously.


  • Analysis of the legality of the projects in this segment;
  • Survey of documentation;
  • Societary, tributary and work orientations in the orbit;
  • Study about the risks of the project;
  • Study about the legislations that may be used in the project of this profile.
Labor Law

Always attempting to set up labor force with the incessant search for the increase in production and consequent capital accumulation, Labor Law represents a vital aspect in the strategic structuring of the company, having as main focus the prevention of conflicts.


  • Assistance in the Human Resources Department preventively, in line with the labor legislation in force;
  • Negotiation with Labor Unions;
  • Consulting and elaboration of opinions;
  • Patronage and follow-up of labor suits in all jurisdictions;
  • Finding and analysis of labor liabilities;
  • Agreements Mediation.
Economic Law

Regardless of the typical non-interfering policy of capitalist regime, it is notable the concern of public authorities in relation to the protection to free competition and repression to economic offenses, adjusting the free initiative to the social function of work.


  • Elaboration of opinions related to free competition and market monopolizing;
  • Assistance relative to antitrust legislation, underselling and antidumping;
  • Preparation of requirements for the start-up of prosecutions with the Secretary of Economic Law (SDE in Brazil) and Economic Defense Council (CADE in Brazil);
  • Administrative Defense with CADE.
Real Estate Law

The technological evolution promotes these days a broader circulation of information which allows the interested ones to gather data for the safe accomplishment of real estate transactions, either typically or atypically.


  • Assistance in real estate businesses accomplishment with finding of documentation and cadastral information to guide the real estate business;
  • Preparation of contracts of purchase and sale, rental, exchange, donation given in payment, etc.;
  • Follow-up of real estate incorporations;
  • Constitution of condominiums and allotments.
Corporate Law

The increasing complexity of the company activities demands a constant improvement process, reducing risks and maximizing results. The vast set of subjects in the Corporate Law demand directed and skillful attention, which will prevent future conflicts and broaden conquer horizons.


  • Assistance in the constitution and structuring of commercial and civil companies, institutions and other sorts of organization;
  • Elaboration of articles of incorporation and the alterations, statutes, assembly minutes and corporate documentation;
  • Opinions towards the purchase and the sale of corporate bonds and commercial funds;
  • Divestiture, fusions, incorporations, partnership settlements and partial dissolutions;
  • Partnership reorganization and structural alterations;
  • Corporative reorganization and structural alterations;
  • Administrative follow-up in face of Boards of Trade and Notary Offices;
  • Litigation among partners;
  • Representation in infraction writs related to economical order and free competition;
  • Protection of wealth and corporate planning;
  • Opinions about corporate topics in general.
Tax Law

This law area has influenced directly in the competitiveness of the companies in face of its actuation market due to the possibility of tax reduction in the federal, state or municipal governments or other governmental agencies, for instance INSS (National Welfare Institute), many times unconstitutional and even illegal.


  • Tax planning focusing on tax load reduction;
  • Management of tax liabilities;
  • Analysis of application of ruling legislation;
  • Analysis of actual legislation application;
  • Evaluation of legality and constitutionality of tributary rules, mainly in reference to the incidence, rates and calculation basis of federal, state, municipal and other governmental agencies taxes;
  • Contesting the notice of violation subsequent tax foreclosures, if they exist at some point;
  • Recovery of tax unduly paid, through applicable judicial and appropriate measures to each individual case;
  • Assistance to obtain clearance certificates, adjustment in special cases, and use of compensatory credit.
Bankruptcy and Composition with Creditors

The constant alterations in the economic scenario reverberate directly in the corporative organizations and their activities. The actual social context impose leading measures in order to preserve the legal entity, in such a way that “bankruptcies and composition with creditors” no longer represent terminal measures.


  • Creditor´s claim in bankruptcy;
  • Credit follow-up in composition with creditors;
  • Finding of documentation and proposition of voluntary bankruptcy;
  • Preparation of the request of composition with creditors;
  • Orientation to shareholders at company in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Administration of bankruptcy and of composition with creditors, as trustee and commissioner;
  • Proposition of revocation suit;
  • Follow-up of criminal procedures arising from the bankruptcy sphere;
  • Opposition to composition with creditors;
  • Opposition to bankruptcy by shareholders;
  • Opinions about partners and shareholders responsibility in case of bankruptcy and composition with creditors.
Consumption Relations

In face of the imbalance existing between the figures of consumer and supplier, the Legal System has increased with protectionist principles that aim to equalize the distance between the referred groups. Besides that, specific state organs were created with their own legislation.


  • Orientation towards the sharing of specific activities of the company with regulations related to consumer protection;
  • Performance in judicial prosecutions involving indemnity arising from consumer relations;
  • Preparation of administrative defenses with consumer protection organs.
Public Services and Concessions

Each and every relation involving private initiative and public power is surrounded by formalities and precautions. It is always aiming at the protection of public property. In this sense, in order to achieve objectives inherent to the contracting with state and public organs, it is imperious to observe details of the specific legislation.


  • Assistance in bidding and other forms of public competitions;
  • Orientation to obtaining concessions, permissions and authorizations;
  • Preparation of administrative and legal requirements and appeals involving public services and concessions.